About Vida Dental

Cosmetic Dentists & General Dentists located in Whitestone, NY

Vida Dental is a luxurious dental practice in Whitestone, New York, offering patients a one-of-a-kind experience for their oral health care. Led by dentist and founder Maria-Teresa Ioannou, DDS, the practice strives to make patients comfortable in the dental chair and ready to return for any dental services they need in the future. 

Patients of Vida Dental are immediately greeted by a calming environment the moment they walk through the door. The practice has a soothing soundtrack, diffusers for aromatherapy, and freshly brewed teas in the waiting room. Every service includes a gentle head and facial treatment with massage oils, jelly pads for patients’ eyes, and a hot, scented face towel upon completion. 

Vida Dental offers every basic dental service a patient may need from the time they turn 12. These services include preventive dental cleanings and X-rays, fillings for cavities, and endodontic procedures. Patients can also explore additional cosmetic or elective options like custom veneers, dental implants for tooth replacement, and Invisalign® for crooked teeth according to their goals. 

Dr. Ioannou specializes in Botox® injections for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), often resulting from years of teeth grinding or joint conditions like arthritis. Patients can enjoy this service as they watch movies or listen to music for entertainment. Vida Dental puts your comfort first, offering the option for sedation with various services. 

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