Our Unique Dental Spa Experience Makes Every Dental Visit a Pleasure

Feb 22, 2023
Our Unique Dental Spa Experience Makes Every Dental Visit a Pleasure
Anxious about going to the dentist? We can help. With our unique dental spa experience, routine dental care doesn’t have to be a stressful chore — every visit can be a relaxing and reinvigorating pleasure. Learn more here.

Twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams are necessary for maintaining optimal oral health; however, two in five adults in the United States haven’t been to the dentist at all in the past year — and many people have gone much longer than a year without seeing a dentist. 

Many people skip routine dental visits and don’t get the essential oral health care they need because they feel stressed or anxious about going to the dentist. But dental care doesn’t have to be a stressful chore; with our unique dental spa experience, every visit can be a relaxing and reinvigorating pleasure.

For Dr. Maria-Teresa Ioannou and our skilled team at Vida Dental Spa, your comfort and ease are just as important as your oral health and dental care. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule a visit at our welcoming office in Whitestone, New York. 

A calming environment with soothing amenities

At Vida Dental Spa, your unique dental spa experience begins the moment you step into our luxurious office space and carefully curated environment that calms the senses. 

Forget the irritating sounds of dental drills, sterile odors, and harsh fluorescent lighting you commonly find in conventional dental offices — we’ve taken great strides to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere in our reception area and treatment rooms. 

Whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning, a simple filling, or more extensive dental treatments like a root canal or veneers, we ensure you have a positive and pampering experience from start to finish. During your visit, you can expect: 

  • Comfortable dental chairs with neck and lower back support
  • A relaxing head and facial treatment with scented massage oils
  • Warm or cool jelly pads over your eyes during treatment
  • Hot, scented face towel treatment following your dental work

To further enhance your visit, we offer a range of soothing amenities, including:

  • Freshly brewed teas infused with herbs, spices, and fruits
  • Tranquil, meditative background music to put you at ease
  • Aromatherapy diffusers with a selection of calming oil scents
  • Noise-canceling headphones to block out dental instrument sounds
  • A full menu of movies, music, and podcasts for your entertainment

We also have an exceptionally comfortable zero-gravity massage chair in our teeth whitening room to make your Opalescence™ in-office whitening treatment a fully-pampered experience. At Vida Dental Spa, we’re always expanding our spa services to improve your visit.

We care about your personal needs and preferences 

We understand that each patient comes to our office with unique dental needs and personal care preferences. When you fill out our new patient form before your first visit at Vida Dental Spa, we ask about your needs and sensitivities — including whether you have dental anxiety, a common problem affecting one in three patients. 

When you share your preferences with Dr. Ioannou and our team, we can offer the perfect combination of services to put you at ease and make your appointment thoroughly enjoyable. Our service offerings also include options for safe, conscious sedation (such as nitrous oxide) if you have severe dental anxiety or find it hard to sit still for longer treatments. 

Enjoyable dental visits, great oral health benefits

By helping you feel as comfortable and pampered as possible at every appointment, we aim to transform your perspective on dental visits — routine or otherwise. We hope our relaxed, worry-free approach takes the stress and anxiety out of dental care and makes it something you look forward to maintaining.  

Simply put, stress-free dental visits in a soothing spa environment make you less likely to skip regular cleanings and exams that help you preserve optimal oral health for life. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s the best benefit of our unique dental spa experience. 

To learn more about our curated environment, soothing amenities, and attention to personal sensitivities and preferences, call or click online today to schedule an appointment at Vida Dental Spa in Whitestone, New York.