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Invisalign® services offered in Whitestone, NY

If you have crooked teeth, an overbite, or any other type of malocclusion, Invisalign® is one of the most advanced and effective techniques to correct the issue. The transparent aligners you get from Maria-Teresa Ioannou, DDS, at Vida Dental in Whitestone, New York, are almost undetectable in your smile. Call Vida Dental or book a visit online to see if you’re an Invisalign candidate today. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an increasingly popular orthodontic treatment. Using a custom-designed series of clear plastic aligners, the system gradually shifts your teeth horizontally and vertically until they’re in perfect alignment. 

Your dentist at Vida Dental carefully plans your treatment using digital scans of your teeth. They create a 3D model of your mouth on a computer, mapping the movement of your teeth during each treatment phase. They use these models to craft hard plastic aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. 

You must use your Invisalign aligners in their correct order, progressing to the next aligner in the sequence every week. While you feel some pressure on your teeth, especially right after changing to the next aligner, every device is made of comfortable SmartTrack™ material that doesn’t irritate your gums.  

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Many people compare Invisalign with braces as they consider their options for orthodontic treatment. While your dentist evaluates every case individually, they can tell you whether or not Invisalign is one of your options. 

Compared with braces, Invisalign orthodontic treatment is:

  • More comfortable
  • More inconspicuous
  • Less restrictive to your diet
  • More precise
  • Better for your oral health and hygiene

It’s easier to keep your aligners and your teeth clean because you can take the aligners out to brush and floss. This is not the case with braces, which can make it difficult to remove all food particles and bacteria from your mouth. 

How do I care for my Invisalign devices?

To get through treatment in the least amount of time possible, you must take great care of your aligners. First and foremost, you should try not to lose any of them. Whenever your aligners aren’t in your mouth, you should keep them in a secure place where you’ll remember them and won’t mistakenly throw them away. 

Vida Dental instructs you on how to keep your aligners sanitary. You should remove them while you eat and keep them out as you brush your teeth after every meal. The best way to clean the aligners is to brush them gently using lukewarm water and a specialized Invisalign cleaning product. 

To find out more about how the results of Invisalign can improve your appearance and oral health, call Vida Dental or schedule an appointment online today.